My Purpose is My Passion

How many of us have careers that are a direct reflection of our dreams. Are you working in a bank when you would prefer to be an events planner? Are you following a career path based on other people’s dreams and aspirations?

As a Transformational Expert I design programmes and inspire my clients on how to live their live’s with more satisfaction and develop careers that are an illustration of their true potential – I do this by providing online programmes and products that create progression and success in people’s live’s and careers. However my passion has not always been my purpose and, as a working mother I know from first hand experience how easy it is to create a career and life based on your circumstances and not your vision.

I started my career with the dream of having my own business – I said to myself ‘I will work for someone else for a couple of years, learn everything I need and then start my business plan. 3 jobs later, a young child and bills to pay that vision was a distant reality.

However that dream reappeared when I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid 6 years ago and my world stopped. The physical effects of hyperthyroidism is weight loss, lack of energy, heart palpitations – so my normal resilience to sickness could not come into play this time and I had to let go of the martyr syndrome. I was ordered to bed by my doctor and with the threat of a heart attack looming over me, I quickly complied.  My time at home led me to ask myself many questions and one that kept coming up time and time again was ‘is my current job fulfilling my dreams?’  In the beginning the answer was a resounding ‘Yes’ – a young psychology graduate working in Human Resources moving up the career ladder, accomplishing, learning and making a difference in people’s live’s.  However, 13 years later it was clear I had overstayed my invitation and it was time to leave in order to follow my dreams. This has been my journey for the last 6 years – I no longer suffer from hyperthyroidism and I am living my life on my own terms and values.

So I write this interactive blog for you to begin to consider following your dream and living your life with passion and determination.

My two childhood values which have helped me are determination and honesty. Determination has been my life saver as I was adamant that I would not work fulltime for someone else and even if it took me my lifetime I would find my life purpose: one that embraced a work–life balance.  With regars to honesty, I have been raised by parents who instilled a very strong work ethic and family values so being honest to myself on how I would live my life and pursue my career has been essential. There were some actions and behaviour within business that I did not want to be associated with and I had to be honest with myself on how and with whom I wanted to work with.

So before you begin to answer the following questions be as honest as you can – have you been determined to hold onto your dream, and are you ready to create the career and life you desire?

Now it’s your turn, below are a list of questions for you to consider, there are no right or wrong answers.

My Purpose is My Passion Questionnaire:

  1. What is your purpose in life?
  2. List all the things that you are passionate about?
  3. From the above list, could any of your passions make a difference in someone’s life?
  4. If success was guaranteed, which one of your passions would you say could be your purpose in life?
  5. What stops you from living your life passionately and on purpose?
  6. What steps could you take to living your life with passion and on purpose?


I have found that everyone’s journey to finding their life purpose is unique – For those of you reading this who are inspired to find out more. Join our online community of thinkers who are living or working towards making their passion, their purpose.