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Finally, a proven Step-by-Step formula to create clarity, confidence and direction in your Career in a short span of time . Avoid getting stuck in a 9 to 5 that you don’t like but have to do to pay the bills.


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Are You 

  • Wanting to transform your job into a new career of your choice?
  • Someone who wants clarity on what direction your career is going?
  • Concerned about your job security and economic stability
  • Starting to realise that you need to take your future into your own hands
  • Looking for a new job that will utilise your skills, talents and potential

If you are currently working in the public sector or a job and experiencing the effects of the spending cuts, then the future is not looking very promising for your job security. But this is not a time to panic, now more than ever you need expert knowledge to support you during this transition so you can create your own job security.


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I have supported these inspirational people achieve clarity and now it’s your turn



New Career Aspirations

New Career Aspirations

“After 26 years in local government I found out that I would be redundant. My first reaction was of anger, confusion and fear. I soon made the commitment to work along side Jackie and the excitement began.

Over the past few months I have done the work I needed to do and my true dreams, wants and career aspirations are coming through. I’m growing in confidence everyday and with Jackie’s help identifying and dealing with the blocks I have put in my life.

Over the past few months, my family and friends have all commented on how different I am now compared to how I was earlier this year. I tell everyone I have a personal mentor/coach and let them know this is money well spent.”

Marcella Francis



Achieve New Career Success

“I was at an all time low in terms of my career and had unfulfilled ambitions: I was in a dead-end job, not making the most of my skills, and somewhat afraid to ‘start again’. Within weeks Jackie helped me to re-focus and achieve a long-held ambition. If you’re looking for someone to help you turn your life around and achieve business/career success then Jackie’s service is a must! Gloria Harris, Higher Education Lecturer




Identify Goals and Route to Success

“Jackie had helped me to identify goals and routes to getting there, I soon began to notice that people were starting to react differently to me at work and at home”
Kathy Murdoch –Director Westward Living Ltd



We realise that in these tough economic times getting to a workshop can be difficult and we are thrilled that we have made it accessible to you as a self guided programme so you can start anytime and from anywhere in the world

Our Self Guided Authentic Career and Life Plan Online Programme can help you.

  • Gain clarity on your career and life direction
  • Create a career and lifestyle that is balanced and authentic
  • Develop a get out clause in this current job market crisis
  • Focused and Motivated towards a specific goal

The No 1 Benefit for joining this programme is that you will be on the path to job satisfaction and personal happiness.


Self Guided Online Programme to achieve your authentic career and life plan is available to anyone with computer and Internet access. Join in anywhere from around the world and benefit from the program. It is also designed to be timeless, so that you can enrol and begin anytime, anywhere. Including right now ! Sign up to our best Self Guided Online Programme and learn from Jackie at your own pace how to Create an authentic career and life plan that will positively transform your life.


Self Guided Authentic Career and Life Plan Online Programme

In the Self-Guided Online Programme, you receive all the recordings, which you can watch over the Internet and/or download to your computer. You also receiveworkbook for each of the 4 sessions, which you can also read online and/or download in pdf format to your computer. Delivered directly to you inbox over 4 weeks you will be introduced to exercises that will identify your future vision that will enable you to plan for your future.


Part 1: Employment & Life Assessment

Introduces you to the career and life planning process of self assessment of your career which identifies your career repetitions, comfort zones and any obstructions to your progress.

Part 2: Achievement, Dreams and Aspirations

Series of exercises to reveal your future aspirations and past achievements. This provides you with essential information to speak confidently about your achievements.

Part 3:Passion,Values & Personal Mission

This session provides you with the in-depth tool that identifies your skills, developments and passions. You can expect your authentic vision to begin to take shape.

Part 4: Your Authentic Vision and Plan

Involves exercises to reveal a clear mission, vision and plan which provides you with a template to note your signposts for your future direction. With this easy to use template you can update your career and life plan on an annual basis.


How Much Does it Cost for the Self-Guided Online-Career and Life Planning Programme ?

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*Bonus 1: 7 Essential Steps to Become an Interview Magnet

How to attract the job you really want and not one that is there to pay your bills

*Bonus 2: Top 8 Presentation Tips To Create a Positive Impact

The essential tips in delivering a memorable presentation that creates a lasting impression.

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Do no get caught up in the economic and job market doom and gloom.



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“My Personal, Guarantee

I’m 100% confident that my authentic career and life plan system provides you with the best platform to begin to create and plan a career on your terms.

So if for some reason my programme doesn’t meet your expectations just contact us and ask me for a prompt refund up to 30 days from your purchase

No reason needed.

And that’s my promise