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Online Learning is fast becoming the latest method in training and development. We believe that live training is still essential, however online learning offers a flexible and cost effective way to gain skills. Allowing you the FREEDOM to create the life you desire.

4 Top Benefits of Online Learning:

1. Saves you money – avoid travel expenses and all the cost associated with live events

2. Saves you time – no traveling or waiting around for an event to start

3. Saves you endless hours of reading new material - course preparation is quicker and therefore leading edge information is updated on a regular basis

4. Saves you energy -sit back and relax at home or at your desk

Our monthly events are live where you will get the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification on the topic of discussion. We will also provide recordings and scripts for those who are unable to attend the allotted times.

Online learning provides an alternative training methods which gives you the freedom to learn in the privacy of your home or on the go. However it i important to provide a quiet setting to use it at it’s full advantage. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the different methods we have provided explanations below.

Online Learning 101
Glossary of Terms
Teleseminar / Tele-Seminar
This mode of learning involves only audio. Generally, the audience dials a number that connects hundreds, or even thousands of people onto one big conference call. There can be more than one presenter but  the audience is usually ”muted out” so that background noises cannot be heard.

A webinar utilises both audio and visual modes of communication. The audio is delivered either via telephone, or Web-stream. The video portion is delivered via a computer. Generally, a webinar allows the presenter to display a variety of content to the audience, including Power Point presentations.


A podcast is created when a live Teleseminar sessions is recorded and provided for download for listening via MP3, or other streaming devices.

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