Discover How to be an Authentic Leader &
Become a Respected Expert in Your Field

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Is This You?

• Do you believe that you have the ability to lead yourself and others to produce truly outstanding results?

• When faced with a challenge are you wanting to make suggestions, take charge and make a positive and lasting difference to all those involved?

Commit to Become a New Generation of Outstanding Leaders

The Tall Poppies Authentic Leadership Programme is the ultimate online training program for those who are ready to become dynamic, inspirational, empowering leaders.

What you will learn

• How to become an effective leader on a practical level with the ability to lead teams to deliver the organisation’s vision and increase the bottom line

• How to resolve conflicts and develop emotional intelligence which results in team cohesion and meeting organisational targets

• How to develop the ability to utilise intuitive skills and innovative solutions to solve complex work situations that stop you for achieving the organisation’s objectives

• How to become a driven, passionate and value-driven leader who is respected,valued and supported by their team and organisation

• How to benefit from an online programme that does not affect your current work schedule or location but assist you in your career progression

Developing a New Generation of Leaders For Our Changing Times

During these complex and demanding times, the demand for a new generation of leaders is growing due to the lack of public trust as a result of disingenuous behaviour from leaders in the public eye. Organisations are beckoning new leaders, value-driven leaders whose ideals are not just buzz words thrown around the office but ones that reflect their behaviour in their respective field.


Message from Lead Tall Poppy Facilitator and Founder
‘I am so glad you stopped by and I encourage you to make the investment and sign up to our Authentic Leadership programme and fully participate in displaying your talents and skills in your career.
Yes there are many leadership programmes available and I would like you to choose the one that is right for you at this time in your career. Review our syllabus and look at the success graduates are achieving.
Having worked in the field of training and development for over 20 years, what makes me standout from the crowd is my true passion to inspire and create programmes that transform both individuals and organisations. My talent is to translate the complex into user friendly terms, thus enabling me to design successful transformational training courses which not only raises confidence but creates career and life success.
As a fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning, I am an advocate of quality transformational training and an active promoter of the effective use of technology in business and training delivery. We are in need of a new generation of leaders and the use of technology enables us to achieve this far-reaching challenge.
I am passionate about developing authentic leaders who are able to skillfully maneuver their team to achieve success in these ever-changing and complex times. I once again encourage you to enroll and I look forward to meeting you online.’

Who is Right for the Programme?
Tall Poppies Authentic Leadership Programme offers an innovative creative approach to this leadership training problem. The programme is designed for women emerging leaders in public and private companies and nonprofits organisations around the world.
The ideal candidates for the programme include.
• First Line/Middle Managers
• Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
• Non-Profit Executives
Why Tall Poppies?
It is said that a field of poppies are uniform in height and taller poppies are the first to be cut down to assist in the germination of smaller poppies The “Tall Poppy Syndrome” is a metaphor for the name given to a social phenomenon which happens to people who are resented or criticised because their talents or achievements shadow those of their peers. These potential high achievers, due to the criticisms and scrutiny from their peers and managers, hide their light under a bushels to avoid the additional stress of displaying their skills and talents.

Tall Poppies Accredited Authentic Leadership Programme Syllabus

We work alongside emerging leaders who have been identified as having the potential to deliver the organisation’s vision. The Tall Poppies Authentic Leadership programme provides a unique opportunity for emerging leaders to reassess their role and current behaviour in achieving career progression and the organisation’s vision. We encourage women to apply and of course also welcome men on the programme.
The 6 month online programme is accredited through the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), Level 5 Award in Management and Leadership – Unit 5: Being a Leader. Achieving an accredited award provides you with an industry benchmark of professionalism and credibility.

Tall Poppies Authentic Leadership Programme Content

On our inspirational and dynamic leadership development sessions delegates are provided with both the content and direction to develop Tall Poppy Leadership characteristics.
Session 1: Becoming a Tall Poppy
  • What is a Tall Poppy?
  • The Purpose of Being a Tall Poppy
  • Career Review: Experiences, Cycles & Blocks
  • Evaluating Emerging Leadership Potential
Session 2: Becoming a Tall Poppy
  • 21st Century Models of Leadership
  • Applying Principles of Accountability and Responsibility
  • Self Belief, Self Worth and Being Magnificent
  • Do you have what it takes to be a Leader?
  • Leadership Strengths & Weaknesses Assessment and Action Plan
  • Leadership Potential Summary
Session 3: Being in Balance
  • Is Your Career and Life Plan Conducive to Leadership
  • Tenacity and Motivation to be a Leader
  • Understanding the Business of your Employer/Business
  • The Strategic Employee/Entrepreneur
  • Tools & Techniques for Alignment
Session 4: Being in Balance
  • Are your Life Pillars in Balance?
  • Lifestyle Management & Optimum Wellbeing
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Tools & Techniques for Alignment
Session 5: Tall Poppies Unleashed
  • Career and Life as a Tall Poppy
  • Communication of Vision and Values
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Authentic Career Progression: Upwards and Sideways
  • Self Image & Self Promotion
Session 6: Tall Poppies Unleashed
  • Partnerships and Teamwork
  • Networking to Succeed
  • What Can I Give to the Network?
  • Support & Effective Mentoring
  • Future Vision & Leadership Objectives


Leaders of tomorrow require a new type of leadership programme, one which promises to deliver value-driven dynamic visionaries who are committed to achieving the goals of the organisation and the needs of their team. Our results driven approach taps into 3 models of leadership – authentic, transformational and intuitive leadership. Participants begin to widen the possibilities of leadership and what they are able to accomplish.
‘Current leadership training, almost anywhere you look for it, uses the word vision freely, but most often its basis is intellectual. Potential leaders are taught to use their minds to analyze various hypothetical scenarios. By leaving out feeling, intuitions, insight and profound
wisdom of the soul, this training falls short of its potential’

Deepak Chopra
Renowned Author of The Soul of Leadership

Tall Poppies Leadership Graduates Feedback

Outstanding Leaders Who are Empowered,
Dynamic, Inspirational and Adaptable

Join Our Programme and Develop the Top 10 Leadership Traits
  1. Become respected for your sound decision making
  2. Be influential and inspire your team to succeed
  3. Be admired in your field for your vision and expertise
  4. Develop the trust of your team due to your integrity
  5. Show your resilience and determination by your commitment
  6. Develop your enthusiasm and passion and develop winning teams
  7. Be respected for your accountability to the achieve the vision
  8. Develop a creative flair and develop innovative ideas
  9. Spot opportunities to get you noticed
  10. Connect with others and form result-driven partnerships and networks

Programme Delivery & Registration
Secure a Place on our Accredited Online Programme


Tall Poppies Authentic Leadership – Gold Programme

6 monthly online group focused leadership sessions for rapid leadership results– accessed via
computer and/or phone.
All sessions recorded for playback so you can focus on the session instead of furiously scribbling notes
6 X 45 minute one-to one-strategy calls with your personal leadership coach via Skype or telephone
24 week step by step Authentic Leadership Fact Sheet
Assessment and Certification
1 year Membership Chartered Management Institute

Tall Poppies Authentic Leadership – Silver Programme

6 monthly online group focused leadership sessions for rapid leadership results– accessed via
computer and/or phone.
All sessions recorded for playback so you can focus on the session instead of furiously scribbling notes
3 X 45 minute one-to one-strategy calls with your personal leadership coach via Skype or telephone
24 week step by step Authentic Leadership Fact Sheet
Assessment and Certification
1 year Membership Chartered Management Institute
Both Programmes Facilitated by Programme Director Jackie Michael

1st September 2013

SAVE £300
(Normal Price £2,500)
SAVE £200
(Normal Price £1,550)
£420 (totaling £2,520)
SAVE £210
(Normal price £455 totaling £2730)
£255 (totaling £1,530)
SAVE £210
(Normal Price £290 totaling £1740)

Make The Leadership Commitment TODAY
Programme Induction Dates:

22nd September 2013
29th September 2013

7:00pm – 9:00pm (UK)
2:00PM – 4:PM (Eastern)
1:00 – 3:00pm (Central)
11:00pm – 1:00pm (Pacific)

Frequently asked Questions

Tall PoppyQ. How is the programme delivered online?
A. The programme is delivered through webinar technology. A webinar utilises
both audio and visual modes of communication. The audio is delivered either
via telephone, or web-stream. The video portion is delivered via a computer.
Generally, a webinar allows the presenter to display a variety of content to
the audience, including Power Point presentations. This is a secure format that
does not compromise your current computer security.
Q. I am not able to make the dates stated
A. The programme is transmitted live via a webinar format and each session is
recorded. All live recording links are emailed directly to your inbox.
Q. Who is the Chartered Management Institute (CMI)?
A. A professional chartered body in the UK that awards management and leadership qualifications, it is the hallmark of any professional manager.
Q. What is a level 5 award?
A. This is equivalent to a graduate level (university UK – College USA) unit
Q. I do not live in the UK?
A. As our programmes are delivered via the internet, you are able to access
the programme all over the world.
Q. How big are the mentoring groups?
A. We want you to be able to interact and maximize the expertise of your Tall
Poppy mentor so there is a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 20 per group.
Q. Will Jackie Michael be facilitating the programme?
A. Unless otherwise stated Jackie will facilitate the session. Certified Tall
Poppy Mentors facilitate programmes but this will be clearly illustrated when
this is this case.
Q. Who is best suited for the programme?
A. We encourage female emerging leaders to sign up for the programme however men are welcomed and have participated in the past. The minimum entry requirement to secure a place is a first line manager who has had a minimum of 1 year’s experience.
Q. What happens if I have to leave the programme due to conditions outside
of my control?

A. Each case is reviewed on its own merit. However due to changes in the programme and updates in the leadership field, you will have to start the programme from the beginning if you want to rejoin the programme.
Q. Do I have to pay additional tax on the programme?
A. No you do not need to pay any vale added tax on the programme.

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