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Jackie G Michaels

Jackie G Michaels

Jackie is a leading coach/mentor, writer and presenter in the area of career progression, personal transformation and wellbeing. Prior to finding the consultancy in 2004 she had a successful career in the commercial sector as a Human Resources Manager and a Training Director. With over 25 years in the arena, she continues to inspire her clients to achieve success, balanced lifestyles and lead with purpose. Her range of clients all agree her authenticity engenders trust and her ambitious personality encourages career possibilities.

Her winning formula in coaching/mentoring is a combination of listening, reflecting and challenging her clients to move outside of their comfort zone towards their vision and goals.

Jackie writes and delivers outstanding transformational programmes for learning and development departments and the wellbeing sector.

Areas of interest and specialities:

  • Authentic Leadership
  • Anti-racism ally coaching for leaders
  • Career progression for middle managers
  • Career progression for people of colour
  • Confidence and communication skills
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Emotional Intelligence at work
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Meditation and relaxation
  • Women’s confidence & success

The self proclaimed queen of self care is overtly ambitious and boldly lives her life with vigour, adventure and unapologetically. Jackie’s effervescent personality displays her wisdom, laughter, sass and authenticity; which is a combination of her British and Jamaican heritage.To book Jackie email –
Social media handle – @Jackiegmichaels
Website –

Jackie is a sought after speaker and her mission is to support leaders in developing empowering workplaces and lifestyles.

Transformational Philosophy  – Mindz in Motion was formed in 2004 from a desire to move away from the traditional programme contents to one that encapsulated a more authentic version of organisations, employees and the times we live in.

Developing future work smart cultures required us to be BOLD enough to discuss the necessary changes to establish the right environment and to get the best out of employees to deliver business objectives.

There are no quick fixes in employee’s development and at times it may be UNCOMFORTABLE.  We ask our clients to begin with a long term commitment, think holistically and have positive expectations of their workforce.

We work alongside forward thinking organisations who align the wellbeing and the personal development of their workforce to the business agenda.  

We want to continue to work with clients who have these intentions, so we can design and deliver programmes that are relevant, transformational and inspirational.

Our mission is to make work ‘work’ for everyone.

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